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Training Goals


    Shop our collection of training and small goal series which are a great choice whether for individual use or in a team setting.

    PEVO Small Goal Series

    Our Small Goal Series is an excellent choice for either individual play or more commonly in a team setting to play small sided games or used as targets for teams to practice their tactics. Choose from sizes of 4x6, 4.5x9, and 6x12. The Small Goal Series features a 2" round aluminum frame while coming with a soccer net and bungee balls to secure the net. 

    PEVO Training Goal Series

    Our Flat Faced Training Goal is a great option for teams that share field space in which both sides can be utilized, or for those teams that are tight on space but still looking for a target to shoot on. This goal features a 2" square aluminum frame. Our Flat Faced Training Goals comes in sizes of 6.5x18.5 and 8x24 and can be used on grass featuring a base with spike, or used on turf with a flat base and the option for a more popular Heavy Duty Turf Base option to ensure stability. The Flat Face Training Goal comes with a soccer net and bungee balls to secure the net to the frame. 


    PEVO Sports FAQs

    Choosing the right size soccer goal depends on the age group of the players and the level of play. Here’s a guide to help you select the appropriate size: 

    Under 6 - Under 8 (U6-U8): 4'x6'

    Under 9 - Under 10 (U9-U10): 6.5'x18x5'

    Under 11 - Under 12 (U11-U12): 7'x21'

    Under 13 and up (U13+): 8'x24'

    All PEVO Sports Soccer Goals are manufactured with lightweight aluminum to ensure quality and longevity. The PEVO Stadium, Supreme, Park, and Economy are made with aluminum all around while the PEVO Channel, Club, and Competition have an aluminum frame with a galvanized steel ground bar. 

    All PEVO Sports Soccer Goals come with everything you need to get your soccer goal ready to use comes match day. With your soccer goal order you will also receive a soccer net, net clips depending on model (MP Clips, StayNet Fasteners) and ground anchors.